Yujiao Xing


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Yujiao Xing

DPhil candidate, Department of Sociology



I am a doctoral student in Sociology at Wolfson College. Before my DPhil study, I received my BSc in Sociology at the Sun Yat-sen University in China and my MSc in Sociology at the University of Oxford. My master dissertation with distinction studied the identity construction of rural returnees in China with the perspectives of Structuration Theory and Social Identity Theory.

My research focuses on migration, family, and gender, and I am also interested in the Sociology of labour and technology as well as urban‒rural development. I am also trying to combine academic and public practice, such as providing support for NGOs and public projects.

DPhil topic

Return migration and Chinese family relationships changes

My project will bridge the literature on migration and family modernization while bringing in the topic of return migration which has been neglected in migration and family study. With the lens of China’s urban‒rural return migration, I will study the family relationship changes, starting from the husband‒wife relationships and extending to the intergenerational relationships which are embedded in, against the background of modernization and globalization. Further, I will explore the possibly more complex and diverse processes of family transition unfolding in China which is very different from the mainstream Western context.

This study uses qualitative methods, mainly including multi-sited ethnography, semi-structured interviews, and participatory observation.