Yee-man (Scarlett) Ng


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Yee-man (Scarlett) Ng

DPhil candidate, Department of Sociology



Scarlett is a DPhil candidate at Oxford’s Department of Sociology. Her doctoral research is a qualitative study  examining intimate relationships of queer Chinese women migrants who were born under China’s one-child policy and are currently living in the UK. The research examines topics, like gender and sexuality, intimacy, queer migration, intergenerational relationship, (unconventional) family formation, and mental health. Her personal research interests include film studies, cultural production and representation, and body politics.


DPhil topic

Intimate Relationships of Queer Chinese Women Migrants in the UK 

Scarlett’s work is a qualitative study using participant observation and in-depth interviews to examine intimate relationships of queer Chinese women migrants who were born under China’s one-child policy and are currently living in the UK. Queer represents the women migrants who self-identify themselves as having  non-normative gender and/or sexual identities, desires, and practices. The research specifically examines the role of sexuality as an important dimension in exploring this specific generation of women migrants’ intimate relationships, intergenerational negotiation, (unconventional) family formation, lived experiences, and  citizenship rights in two societies, China and the UK.