Yang Han


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Yang Han

DPhil candidate, Department of Politics and International Relations



Yang (韩阳) is a DPhil candidate in International Relations and Swire Scholar at St Antony’s College. Her doctoral research focuses on contemporary China-Africa relations, exploring China’s outlook on international hierarchies through its discourse on Africa with a particular focus on the intersections of race, class and gender. Yang’s research interests include China’s foreign policy, poststructuralist feminism, postcolonialism, and critical security studies. Yang holds an MSc degree in International Relations Research from LSE and a BA in International Politics and Psychology from Peking University.  

Previously, Yang worked as the research consultant and gender expert for organisations such as UNIDO and ILO, where she contributes towards the gender mainstreaming of environmental policies in China and other Asian countries. 

DPhil topic

Yang’s doctoral research focuses on China’s varied strands of discourses on Africa over the past two decades, exploring the dynamics of Chinese worldviews – particularly the views and thoughts on international hierarchies ‒ therein.