Scott Singer


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Scott Singer

DPhil candidate, Department of Politics and International Relations


I am a DPhil candidate in International Relations and Clarendon Scholar at Balliol College, Oxford. My doctoral research employs advanced quantitative methods to study variation in the strategic logic of targeting civilians to achieve strategic goals, I explore this mechanism across a range of statecraft settings, including violent conflict, economic sanctions, and disinformation campaigns.

In addition to my DPhil work, I am co-founder and director of the Oxford China Policy Lab, an interdisciplinary research group dedicated to producing academic and policy research on the impact of US-China relations around the world. I also work as a research assistant for Professors Duncan Snidal and Karolina Milewicz and as tutor in the undergraduate International Security course at Oxford.

I received a Bachelor of Arts (with Honors) in Economics and Fundamentals: Issues and Texts from the University of Chicago and Master of Philosophy in International Relations (with Distinction) from Oxford.