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Giulia Falato

Department Lecturer in Chinese



Dr Giulia Falato was awarded a PhD in Asian and African civilisations, East Asia Curriculum at Sapienza University of Rome in 2017.  Her main research interest lies in the history of Sino-Western cultural relations, with a particular focus on exchanges in the fields of pedagogy, moral philosophy and lexical innovation. She also works on educational theories and practices in early imperial and medieval China.





Selected publications:


Alfonso Vagnone’s Tongyou Jiaoyu 童幼教育 (On the Education of Children, c. 1632). The earliest encounter between Chinese and European pedagogy. Brill series Studies in the History of Christianity in East Asia, 2020, ISBN 978-90-04-43050-1. 

Scholarly translations: 

Annotated translations of six texts by Xu Guangqi, included in the volume Xu Guangqi e gli studi celesti (Xu Guangqi and Heavenly learning), edited by Elisa Giunipero, Edizioni Angelo Guerini & Associati s.r.l., June 2020, ISBN 978-88-6250-778-3

Articles, proceedings and book chapters: 

‘Growing up in the inner chambers in late Tang times: moral duties and social expectations’, The Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies, 2, 2021, pp. 11–35. 

‘Language learning and negotiation: the experience of Jesuit translators in late imperial China’ in Missionary Translators. Translations of Christian Texts in East Asia, edited by Jieun Kiaer, Routledge, 2021, pp. 1‒23/ ISBN 9780367469726

‘Parents, children, mutual duties and relations: a European way of governing the family in a late Ming socio-cultural context’, in Rivista degli Studi Orientali (Journal of Oriental Studies), vol. XCIII, (4), 2020, pp. 47‒60/ ISSN: 1724-1863 

‘Alfonso Vagnone S.J.’s Tongyou Jiaoyu 童幼教育 (On the education of children, c. 1632): the earliest introduction of Renaissance pedagogy into late Ming China’, in Guardiani F., Zhang G. Banchieri S. Italy and China, Europe and East Asia: Centuries of Dialogue, proceedings of the International and Interdisciplinary Conference held at the Department of Italian Studies, University 
of Toronto, Franco Cesati Editore, 2017 pp. 411‒427/ ISBN 978-88-7667-651-2

‘The influence of Zhu Xi 朱熹 on Alfonso Vagnone S.J.’s treatise Tongyou Jiaoyu 童幼教育 (On the education of children, c. 1632)’, in Atti del XV Convegno dell’ Associazione Italiana di Studi Cinesi (Italian Association of Chinese Studies, conference proceedings), edited by Tommaso Pellin e Giorgio Trentin, Libreria Editrice Cafoscarina, January 2017, pp. 88–98/ ISBN 978 88 7543 426 7

‘Alfonso Vagnone S.J.’s Tongyou Jiaoyu 童幼教育 (On the Education of Children) and its contribution to the introduction of Western learning into late Ming China’, in Ming Qing Studies, ARACNE editrice int.le s.r.l. December 2015, pp. 137–159/ ISBN 978–88–548–8958–3

‘The Western concept of friendship in Alfonso Vagnone S.J.’s work Tongyou jiaoyu 童幼教育 (On the Education of Children)’, in International Communication of Chinese Culture 3 (1), Springer, November 2015, pp. 95–106/ISSN 2197-4233