The Great Mosque of Xi'an
The Great Mosque of Xi’an

The University of Oxford China Centre joins together academics from across the whole University, co-ordinating activities in all areas. Academics from across the four Divisions of the University of Oxford are represented at the China Centre.

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Jennifer Altehenger (Merton profile) – Jessica Rawson Fellow in Modern Asian History, Associate Professor of Chinese History
    Research interests: history of modern and contemporary China, in particular the history of materials and industrial design in Chinese politics and everyday life; the history of law, propaganda and information under Communist Party governance; and the history of political language and cultural production
  • Gordon Barrett – Departmental Lecturer in Modern Chinese History and Politics
  • Nicholas Bunnin – Director of Philosophy Project
    Research interests: Chinese and Western philosophy
  • Jun Cao  – Senior Development Executive, Saïd Business School
  • Robert L. Chard (Oriental Institute profile) – Associate Professor of Classical Chinese
    Research interests: Chinese popular religion; early medieval Chinese history and the use of literary compositions for political purposes; the Confucian ritual canon and its implementation in the state cults of the Imperial period; modern martial arts novels (wuxia xiaoshuo).
  • Craig Clunas (History of Art profile) – Emeritus Professor of the History of Art
    Research interests: Ming and contemporary Chinese art and material culture
  • Jérôme Doyon (OSGA profile) – Departmental Lecturer, Contemporary Chinese Studies
  • Matthew Erie (Oriental Institute profile) – Associate Professor of Modern Chinese Studies
    Research interests: Law and development; legal implications of Chinese outbound investment; intra-Asian law
  • Giulia Falato – Department Lecturer in Chinese
  • Jing Fang (Oriental Institute profile) – Instructor in Chinese
  • Rosemary Foot (DPIR profile) (Recent publication) – Professor of International Relations
    Research interests: China’s relations with Asia and the West
  • Xiaolan Fu  (Department of International Development profile) – Professor of Technology and International Development, Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development.
    Research interests: innovation, technology and development; trade and foreign investment
  • Thomas Hale (Blavatnik School of Government profile) – Associate Professor in Public Policy (Global Public Policy)
  • Todd Hall (DPIR profile) – Professor of International Relations; Director, University of Oxford China Centre
  • Henrietta Harrison (Oriental Institute profile) – Professor of Modern Chinese Studies
  • Anke Hein (School of Archaeology profile) – Peter Moores Associate Professor in Chinese Archaeology
    Research interests: cultural contact, borders, identity, ethnicity, human-environment interaction, spatial analysis, contextual archaeology, ethnoarchaeology
  • David Helliwell (Oriental Institute profile) – Associate member of the Faculty of Oriental Studies
  • Margaret Hillenbrand (Oriental Institute profile) – Associate Professor of Modern Chinese
    Research interests: modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Modern Japanese Literature, East Asian comparative literature, Chinese cinema
  • Elisabeth Hsu (Oriental Institute profile) – Professor in Anthropology
    Research interests: Chinese medicine; medical anthropology
  • Bo Hu (Oriental Institute profile) – Instructor in Chinese
  • Pamela Hunt (Brasenose College profile) – Hulme Junior Research Fellow and Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
  • Paul C. Irwin Crookes (OSGA profile) – Associate Professor, Contemporary China Studies
    Research interests: EU-China relations; foreign policy; technology and innovation; military; cross-Taiwan Strait relations
  • Maria Jaschok – Director, International Gender Studies Centre
    Research interests: gender studies; Muslim women
  • Coraline Jortay (Wolfson College profile) – Wiener-Anspach Postdoctoral Fellow
    Research interests: Sinophone literature, literary translation, gender
  • Shio-yun Kan (Oriental Institute profile) – Senior Instructor in Chinese,
    Programme Director of the Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
  • John Knight (Department of Economics profile) – Professor of Economics
    Research interests: well-being, education and poverty; rural-urban migration
  • Peiying Lin (Oriental Institute profile) – Associate of the Sub-Faculty of East Asian Studies
  • TaoTao Liu (Oriental Institute profile) – Retired University Lecturer, Modern Chinese
  • Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt (Oriental Institute Profile) – Departmental Lecturer in Modern Chinese Studies
    Research interests: Modern Chinese history, in  particular the Cultural Revolution and the reform era
  • Anna Lora-Wainwright (OSGA profile, School of Geography and the Environment profile) – Director of Contemporary China Studies; Professor of the Human Geography of China
    Research interests: environment and health, rural population and local development
  • Dirk Meyer (Oriental Institute profile) – Associate Professor of Chinese Philosophy
    Research interests: palaeography of early manuscripts, Warring States period
  • Rana Mitter (DPIR profile) – Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China
    Research interests: nationalism; Sino-Japanese War and its legacy
  • Rachel Murphy (OSGA profile) – Professor of Chinese Development and Society
    Research interests: internal migration; education; population policy
  • Hongping Annie Nie (Oriental Institute profile) – Associate Faculty Member
    Research interests: nationalism, foreign relations and diplomacy, educational and cultural development in modern and contemporary China
  • Fernanda Pirie (Centre for Socio-Legal Studies profile) – Associate Professor in Socio-Legal Studies
    Research interests: Tibet; law
  • Hamsa Rajan (St Hilda’s College profile) – Departmental Lecturer, Contemporary Chinese Studies
  • Dame Jessica Rawson (Oriental Institute profile) – Professor of Chinese Art and Archaeology
    Research interests: material culture of premodern China
  • Biljana Scott (Oriental Institute profile) – Faculty Tutor in Chinese Linguistics
  • Vivienne Shue (St Antony’s College profile) – Emeritus Leverhulme Professor of Contemporary China Studies
    Research interests: state, politics and society; local government
  • Ewan Smith (Faculty of Law profile) Shaw Foundation Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College
  • Stephen A. Smith (All Souls College profile) – Senior Research Fellow
    Research interests: the histories of modern China and Russia; comparative Communism
  • Yang Song (Oriental Institute profile) – Shaw Instructor in Chinese
  • Mamtimyn Sunuodula – Head of East Asia and HD Chung Chinese Studies Librarian
  • Tian Yuan Tan (Oriental Institute profile) – Shaw  Professor of Chinese
    Research interests: Pre-modern Chinese literature, with emphasis on drama, fiction, and poetry in the later dynasties; Chinese literary history and historiography; court theatre and performance; cross-cultural interactions between China and other countries
  • Hannah Theaker – Plumer Junior Research Fellow in Oriental Studies, St Anne’s College
    Research interests:  comparative colonialisms, processes of minoritization, Chinese Islamic modernities, Sufism in China, Sino-Tibetan borderlands and histories of migration
  • Patricia Thornton (Merton College profile, SIAS profile) – University Lecturer in Politics of China
    Research interests: politics and society, popular contention, Chinese cyberspace, consumerism in China
  • Eric Thun (Saïd Business School profile) – Peter Moores Lecturer in Chinese Business Studies
    Research interests: industrial development; globalization of Chinese firms
  • Shelagh Vainker (Oriental Institute profile) – Associate Professor of Chinese Art and Curator of Chinese Art, Ashmolean Museum
    Research interests: material culture of the northern Song dynasty; modern Chinese painting and graphic arts
  • Biao Xiang (Institute of Social & Cultural Anthropology profile) – Professor in Social Anthropology based at COMPAS and ISCA
    Research interests: migration, global political economy, China, India, state and governance, labor, political and economic anthropology
  • Ying Yu (Faculty of Law profile) – Stipendiary Research Fellow in Law, Justice and Society, Wolfson College, and a member of the Faculty of Law in the University of Oxford
    Research interests: consumer protection policy, law of E-commerce, financial services, tourism, dispute resolution
  • Mimi Zou (Faculty of Law profile) – Fangda Career Development Fellow in Chinese Commercial Law
    Research interests: Chinese private law, Chinese foreign investment law, international economic law, comparative law and legal institutions

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

  • Andrew Goudie (School of Geography and the Environment profile) – Emeritus Professor in Geography
    Research interests: dust storms in the Chinese desert regions, climatic change, management of Geoparks (Zhangjiajie)
  • Mike Searle (Department of Earth Sciences profile) – Professor of Earth Sciences
    Research interests: mountain building processes (Himalaya, Karakoram and Tibetan Plateau regions), Red River fault zone (Yunnan Province and Vietnam)
  • Derek Siveter (Museum of Natural History profile) – Professor of Earth Sciences
    Research interests: geology/paleontology, fossil invertebrates especially anthropods
  • Troy Sternberg (School of Geography and the Environment) – British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
    Research interests: the Gobi desert, Chinese drylands, Mongolia, natural hazard impact on landscapes and society

Medical Sciences

  • Alastair Buchan (Oxford Neuroscience profile) – Professor of Stroke Medicine
    Research interests: neuroprotection, cell and molecular biology, acute stroke programme
  • Yiping Chen (Nuffield Department of Population Health profile) – MRC China Study Coordinator and Senior Investigational Scientist at CTSU
    Research interests: large-scale medical research, women’s health, mental health
  • Zhengming Chen (Nuffield Department of Population Health profile) – Professor of Epidemiology
    Research interests: large randomized trials of widely practicable treatments for chronic diseases (IHD, stroke and cancer), environmental and genetic causes of chronic diseases, efficient strategies for chronic disease control in developing countries
  • Jonathan Flint (Nuffield Department of Medicine profile) – Michael Davys Professor of Neuroscience
    Research interests: genetics of major depression in Chinese women
  • Rury Holman (Diabetes Trials Unit profile) – Professor of Diabetic Medicine
    Research interests: prevention, appropriate treatment and cardiovascular risk reduction in people with type 2 diabetes