China in Oxford

Oxford is not only a place where much China-related research is taking place, but also a special location connected to China’s recent cultural and intellectual history. Oxford remains a vibrant centre of Chinese culture whose influence on the intellectual debate both in the West and in the East is difficult to underestimate.

Faculties and Departments

Oxford hosts a number of academic centres focusing on various aspects of China’s past and present: Oriental Institute, Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, Department of Politics and International Relations, Faculty of History, School of Archaeology, School of Geography and the Environment, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, Department of International Development etc.

Subject-Specific Projects and Research Groups

In addition to the research conducted at the departmental level, there is a number of subject-specific research groups and think tanks in Oxford with a strong interest in China. An incomplete list of such initiatives would include: Foundation for Law, Justice and Society, Centre of Buddhist Studies, Environmental Change InstituteOxford Chinese Economy Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

Qian Zhongshu

Qian ZhongshuIn 1935-1937 Qian Zhongshu 錢鍾書, a famous Chinese writer and literary scholar, studied in Exeter College towards a Bachelor Degree in Literature.

Chinese Student Community

There is a number of student-run societies in Oxford that promote the dialogue within the Chinese community as well as facilitate cross-cultural exchange: Oxford University Chinese Society, Oxford Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Oxford Chinese International Awareness, Oxford University Taiwanese Student Society, Oxford University Hong Kong Scholars Association.

Collections of Chinese Art

The Ashmolean Museum hosts one of the richest collections of Chinese art in the United Kingdom. Being a structural unit of the University, the Ashmolean is open to students and researchers who can use the art objects in their research work. The Dickson Poon China Centre Building also hosts a small, but impressive collection of Chinese art.