China, Law and Development (CLD) publications 2022

China, Law and Development (CLD) project publishes latest Research Briefs

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CLD Research Briefs summarise the latest research from our early-career Research Associates around the world. Over 45 Research Briefs are now available and cover a very wide range of CLD-related topics. The latest Research Briefs focus on sovereign debt, the implications of the Ukraine war, access to information, and Sino-African ‘legal cooperation’:

'Sovereign Debt Restructuring: The Potential Role of China in the Belt and Road Initiative in the Post COVID-19 Era' - Charles Ho Wang Mak, University of Glasgow.

'Access to Information on Chinese Investments Contracts in Zimbabwe: The Law vs Practice' - Obert Bore, Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association.

'A Legal Study of the Future of Chinese Infrastructure Development in the Western Balkans in the Light of the EU Rebuilding of Ukraine' - Stanislav Gubenko, University of Luxembourg.

'China-Africa "Legal Cooperation" on Investment Dispute Settlement: Current Practice and the Role of Europe' - Thembi Madalane, University of Szeged, Hungary.

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