Digital Culture in Contemporary China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Start date: Thursday, 17 December, 09:00
End date: Saturday, 19 December, 13:00
Venue: China Centre

China Centre and Wadham College, Oxford, December 17-19, 2015.


Thursday December 17th

Lecture Theatre 1, China Centre

9.00am: Introductory remarks

Margaret Hillenbrand.

9.15am-10.45am:  Panel 1: Digital Activism

Chair: Heather Inwood.

9.15am-9.45am: Jing Wang, MIT:“Activists as Makers: NGO2.0 & Tech4Good”.

9.45am-10.15am: Jia Tan, Hong Kong Baptist University: “Aesthetics of Queer Becoming: Comrade Yue and Chinese Community-Based Documentaries Online”.

10.15am-10.45am: Questions.

10.45am-11.15am: COFFEE.

11.15am-12.45pm: Panel 2: Digital City

Chair: Luke Robinson

11.15am-11.45am: Yomi Braester, University of Washington: “The City as Found Footage”.

11.45am-12.15pm: Chris Berry, King’s College, London: “Museum as Theme Park: The Screen Culture of the Shanghai Museum of Science and Technology”.

12.15pm-12.45pm: Questions.

12.45pm-2pm: LUNCH, Wordsworth Tea Room, China Centre.

2pm-3.30pm: Panel 3:  Digital Technologies

Chair: Chris Berry

2pm-2.30pm: Wendy Larson, University of Oregon: “The Glistening City-Orb: Flash Animation in Jia Zhangke’s The World”.

2.30pm-3pm: Luke Robinson, University of Sussex: “Digital Cinema on East Asia’s Periphery: Midi Z’s ‘Burma Trilogy’”.

3pm-3.30pm: Questions

3.30pm-4pm: COFFEE.

4pm-4.30pm:  Special Presentation: Digital Archiving

Kuei-fen Chiu, National Chung-hsing University: “The Taiwan Literature Archives: Notes on an Experimental Digital Literary History”.

4.30pm-5pm: Questions.

7.30pm: DINNER, Hall, Wadham College.

Friday, December 18th

Lecture Theatre 1, China Centre

9.30am-11am: Panel 4:  Digital Cinema

Chair: Michel Hockx

9.30am-10am: Jason McGrath, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: “Suppositionality, Virtuality, and Chinese Cinema”.

10am-10.30am: Song Hwee Lim: “Can Poetics Break Bricks?”.

10.30am-11am: Questions.

11am-11.30am:  COFFEE.

11.30am-1.00pm: Panel 5:  Digital Restraints

Chair: Ros Holmes

11.30am-12pm: Michel Hockx, SOAS: “The Bottom Line Revisited – Chinese Internet Literature and Moral Censorship in the Xi Era”.

12pm-12.30pm: Laikwan Pang, Chinese University of Hong Kong: “Aesthetics of Appearance: Documentary Footages of the Umbrella Movement”.

12.30pm-1.00pm: Questions.

1.00pm-2.30pm: LUNCH, Wordsworth Tea Room, China Centre.

2.30pm-4pm: Panel 6:  Digital Art

Chair: Luke Robinson

2.30pm-3pm: Margaret Hillenbrand, University of Oxford: “Digital Haunting”.

3pm-3.30pm: Ros Holmes, University of Oxford: “Miao Ying, Net Art and ‘Chinternet’ Aesthetics”.

3.30pm-4pm: Questions.

4.00pm-4.30pm: Coffee

7.30pm: DINNER, Zheng Restaurant.

Saturday, December 19th

Lecture Theatre 1, China Centre

9.30am-11am: Panel 7:  Digital Time

Chair: Annie  Hongping Nie

9.30am-10am:  Xiao Liu, McGill University: “A Game of Time:  Video Game, Time Travel and Cinema in the Era of Algorithm”.

10am-10.30am: Kwai-Cheung Lo, Hong Kong Baptist University: “From Coevalness to Multiple Chronos and Back: Temporalizing Inter-Ethnic Online Articulations in Digital China”

10.30am-11am: Questions

11am-11.30am: Coffee

11.30am-1pm: Panel 8:  Digital Returns

Chair: Elisabeth Forster

11.30am-12pm: Carlos Rojas, Duke University: “Dream of the Red Chamber Internet Fan Fiction and Literary Canonicity”.

12pm-12.30pm: Heather Inwood, University of Manchester: “Similar, Familiar and Old: The Aesthetics of Repetition in Digital Chinese Culture”.

12.30am-1pm: Questions.

Concluding remarks.

This conference has been generously supported by the following sponsors:

British Inter-University China Centre

Oxford University China Centre

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