China, America and the Future of Power

Start date: Thursday, 10 March, 17:00
End date: Thursday, 10 March, 18:30
Venue: the China Centre

The prospect of China rivalling, matching and succeeding America in geopolitical power has been a key question on the minds of politicians, policy makers and analysts. As China’s economy falters and China builds its military capability and exerts influence in world forum, the question of whether the threat of being overtaken has passed and, if not, how America might respond to such a threat remains a vital issue for the world order. This talk will examine that topic.

Mr Patel is the founder and CEO of one of the leading investment businesses in Asia investing in private companies with global potential.  Previously, a Managing Director in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs, Mr Patel founded the Strategic Group of Goldman Sachs. Mr Patel was based in London and New York and also worked in Asia, including India and China, providing strategic counsel to the firm’s corporate, investing and government clients across multiple industries. Formerly, Mr Patel was a partner at KPMG, a member of the Board, a member of the European Strategy Management Team and started his career as an Analyst for Hewlett Packard in London.